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FOUND is a fashion line created in collaboration with Ashley Burbano

Taking a step back from this consumerist mentality, we can see common items in our lives, like cardboard, plastic bags, utensils, and garbage bags, are never truly appreciated. We can redefine the meaning of beauty and expand it past traditional means. We wanted to explore the intersection between the common and high fashion by using unconventional materials to develop looks that are cutting edge and glamorous, and in the end, we will compel the viewers to reflect on any lost appreciation of beauty in their own lives.

FOUND debuted in March of 2019 at the Lunar Gala Fashion Show at Carnegie Mellon University. Looks from this line went on to be featured in the Ecolution Fashion Show, and were named Top Designs.

FOUND models walk out with signs displaying where the materials their looks were made from were found during the final flood at Lunar Gala.

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