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Patchwork Fountain, 2019

The Patchwork Fountain project was a site-specific, temporary installation intended to re-engage the community with the Mary Schenley Memorial Fountain located in Schenley Plaza in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania while it was emptied during the winter months. I painted the interior of the fountain during the night with bright colors of paint. The work was washed away by rain a day later. More site-specific engagements with the fountain coming Winter of 2020.

Surveys Via Installation, Ongoing

Surves Via Installation

With these works, I aim to investigate the notion of stress culture on a college campus through the medium of surveys, focusing on increasing student engagement and interactivity as well as aiming to better gauge the individual and collective student perspective.

With this ongoing series of work my goals are to

  1. Gauge the individual and collective student experience at Carnegie Mellon University

  2. Increase student engagement with campus-related surveys through interactivity

  3. Begin dialogues surrounding the notion of stress on a college campus

  4. Better define “stress culture” so as to better define ways of improving how it is addressed and discussed

Live Likert: A Manageable Workload

Living in Venn: A Social Survey

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